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  • Stress: Signs & Symptoms

    “Stress is often the adverse reaction experienced by too much or too little pressure.” International Stress Management Association

    Today’s teens are connected yet isolated, savvy but anxious, indulged yet stressed. They are mobile, have grown up with social media and are surrounded by the online world. Particularly the online world, and how it’s with them 24/7. Every time they switch on their phones they’re getting messages about parties they haven’t been invited to, or they’re seeing photos of their friends doing things, or their whole self-worth is based on how many likes they’re getting on Facebook. It absolutely permeates their sense of self-worth and has led to new pressures, including cyber bullying and sexting.

    Young people, like adults, experience stress. It can come from a variety of sources including doing well in school, getting into the right college, making and sustaining friendships, extracurricular activities, self-image, or managing perceived expectations of parents, teachers or coaches. This avalanche of stress can hinder their progress and health.

    Adults can sometimes be unaware when their children or teens are experiencing overwhelming feelings of stress. Tuning into emotional or behavioral cues is important in identifying potential problems. As parents it’s imperative to be supportive, stay involved, and be a positive role model, to help them navigate adolescents better.

    Symptoms & Signs

    There are four primary types of symptoms of stress: emotional, behavioral, physical and psychological.

    For more information on what to look out for, here’s a quick guide to 50 Common Signs & Symptoms of Stress.

    Easy Stress Busting Tips

    No matter where you are in the school journey, here are some of my favorite mind-body techniques to help ease stress.

    The fact is that some degree of stress is very therapeutic and is what helps us become strong. So let’s not try and mitigate all stress in our children’s life, but the key is to try and get early help to put your child back on track to personal growth and achievement.

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