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  • Therapy for personal development & psychological well-being

    Therapy is often considered when something goes wrong. Few people recognize the importance of counseling in self-development or personal growth.

    The desire to improve is paramount. If we get to the point of thinking that we no longer need to improve, we are showing how closed our minds are, and how entrenched our attitudes. This approach to life doesn’t allow for change, and doesn’t allow for development. To be a fully rounded and healthy person, it is necessary to be able to respond to changes in our lives, in our environments and in our hearts and minds.

    Personal development involves mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth that allows a person to live a productive and satisfying life within the customs and regulations of their society. This is achieved through the development of life skills.

    These life skills are necessary for living a productive and satisfying life, generally fall into one of several categories: feeling about self, intimacy, family, friends, community, job, leisure, and spirituality.  They include being able to recognize and describe one’s feelings, giving and receiving feedback, recognizing assumptions, setting realistic and attainable goals, and employing problem-solving strategies.

    There is no one way or one program to help a people grow emotionally and personally.  Nonetheless, here are some of my favorite steps to well-being.

    “The first step to becoming is to will it.” Mother Teresa

    1. Be kind to yourself – encourage rather than criticize yourself.
    2. Exercise your body – physical and emotional well-being go hand in hand. Being active improves your mood, spikes your energy, decreases stress and anxiety and improves your well-being.
    3. Keep Learning – try something new; rediscover an old hobby, sign up for a course. It helps boost your self-confidence and esteem. It enables you to meet new people and broaden your horizon.
    4. Savor life’s joys – Slow down and enjoy the moment by being in the moment.
    5. Practice acts of kindness – be selfless and help others in need. There is no bigger joy in being happy and making others happy.
    6. Appreciate your world – do something nice for someone. Thank a lot, smile a lot. When you show gratitude it enables you to have a deeper connection with others.
    7. Relax – Learn to calm your mind, through deep breathing, yoga or meditation.
    8. Eat healthy – eat healthy, eat regularly, eat clean and hydrate.
    9. Balance sleep – Have a healthy sleep routine, which means going to bed and getting up at the same, time every day.
    10. Nurture relationships – Positive social relationships are a catalyst for overall well-being. These can come from friends, family, peers, support groups, clubs, associations etc.
    11. Avoid addictions like, alcohol, smoking and drugs – know your limits, lest it will affect your mental and social health.
    12. Commit to your goals – never lose sight of your goals and don’t stop till you get there.

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    If you are seeking help for your personal development and psychological well-being, please call 909-841-3838 for a free consultation today. I believe in transforming the “I” of illness into the “We” of wellness by providing personalized intervention. I work with an eclectic combination of therapeutic tools to reduce anxiety, stress, improve focus & productivity, and achieve internal congruence, positivity and rediscovery of your true self.

    Darshana Doshi, MA., LMFT, CAMS-II.




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